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Are you looking to increase your herd of mini silky fainting goats for sale with baby offspring from Master Champions and Grand Champions?  Are you wanting to raise your breeding standards and show your prize animals at livestock festivals?  Or are you just wanting to find a companion for your lonely pet mini silky fainting goat?   A Mini Silky Fainting Goat Master Champion or Grand Champion Fainting Goat from Hobby Hills Acres may be what you are looking for!  Take a look below at some of our Master and Grand Champion miniature fainting goats for sale.

We are Proud to Introduce 2013 Top Winning Mini Silky Goat of the Year

2013 Top Winning Goat of the Year ERIN

Master Champion Erin

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Facts and Ways to Keep Mini Silky Fainting Goats

Not many people know that such creature like the mini silky fainting goats exist.  Well, they do, although their population may not be as big as the regular goat population.  In fact, this kind of breed is considered new and has very unique traits that may surprise – or even entertain – you.

Understanding the Fainting Goats

Mini Silky Fainting Goats For Sale - Cocoa PuffThe mini silky fainting goats are often considered almost the same as the silky terrier because of their similar physical appearance. Like the terrier, these silkies have topknots, flowing beards, and also long and flowing coat.  Their size is comparatively smaller than the regular goats; that’s why they are often called as the mini or the miniature breed.

The miniature fainting goat may be mistaken with the Nigerian Dwarf goat because of their common long hair, but the mini silky goat will start losing the long beard as they get older.  In the past, breeders mostly concerned and focused on the length of the hair, but today’s breeders focus more on the silkiness and the quality of the coat rather than the length.

A miniature goat can live up to 10 years or even 15 years, if the condition is right and perfect.  The total height in average is around 19 inches with total weight about 60 pounds – for the maximum point.  The reason why the mini silky goat gets the unique name is because they appear to faint or become unconscious when they are overly excited or startled.

Yes, the miniature goat really does appear to faint, but in actuality they don’t really faint at all.  Due to a genetic condition called myotonia congenital that dates way back to their beginning armed with a fainting gene to lure predators away from more prized farm animals.

When startled, the mini silky goat’s legs actually lock-up from a reaction to fear causing the goat to literally fall over and conscious the entire time.  This is truly quite an incredible genetic phenomenon.  Once the goat’s fear has left the legs loosen up and he or she can again go about their business.

The faint only lasts only a few seconds before these a miniature silky fainting goat will stand up again and act as if nothing has happened.  Due to this peculiar condition, it is no wonder that these silkies are quickly becoming very popular.

Is the Fainting Painful?

Are you wondering whether the fainting is painful or even dangerous for these miniature goats?  Based on medical and scientific researches and studies, this condition isn’t harmful or painful at all for them.  In fact, this kind of condition is also present in human – known as the Thomsen’s disease – which brings the similar result and not dangerous at all.  Although the humans can be hurt from the fall, mini silkies fall in completely different way, so they are basically tougher and stronger than human.

Personalities and Behaviors

The personalities of these mini silky fainting goats are quite amazing.  They are very comedic when it comes to their playing and hopping around.  With these critters there is never a dull moment.

Mini Silkies are always doing something to make you crack up laughing.  A newborn baby is quite fun to watch being born seeing the doe and baby instantly react with one another.  It’s also amazing how quickly a baby mini silky fainting goat bonds with humans.  There’s something very special about the way a baby mini silky fainting goat will snuggle up to you that tugs at the heartstrings.

Another fun and exciting fact about the mini silky fainting goats is that they are very friendly.  They are considered social animals that can interact well with kids when they are kindly treated.

They can control weed or they can be kept as pets.  They can’t escape the fence well – unlike the regular goats – so they can be easily kept as pets.  And they are very fun to be with!  Please remember that these mini silky fainting goats are considered rare species and they need to be preserved well so they won’t extinct.

It is also vital to remember that this goat breed type won’t do well when they are alone.  You need to keep three or four mini silky fainting goats together so they remain healthy and happy.

Mini Fainting Goats For Sale

 Feeding Methods and Treatment Care

The mini silky fainting goat likes weeds instead of grass.  They also like corn, minerals, barley, oats, and selenium, but within the right proportion.  When you consider raising these silkies, you need to feed those substances within half-cup portion twice a day (for kids) and about 2 cups portion a day for the adults.

Most breeders that will raise a mini silky fainting goat will feed them alfalfa.  Sometimes they give dried leaves and alfalfa, where the silkies will eat the leaves first before consuming the alfalfa.

What Not to Feed Your Mini Silky Myotonic Goat

Clean water and feeding dishes are a must with these myotonic goats for sale.  If a myotonic goat happens to eat feces (poo) it could easily kill it.  Make sure that the feeding dish has been cleaned out before adding fresh feed and the same for the water bucket.  Keep in mind also that these myotonic goats shouldn’t be given walnut tree leaves or fruit tree leaves.

General Mini Silky Fainting Goats Care

It is absolutely necessary to include salt and mineral within their food.

Keeping the minis treated for parasites is very key to the goat’s health and livelihood.

Trimming the hoofs about once every 4 to 6 weeks is required to keep them healthy.

It is also important to keep tight and strong fence around the barn to fend off coyotes or dogs.

The winter can be quite harsh on mini silky myotonic goats.  They need shelter in a barn or enclosure that is free from draft that can be closed completely during winter or snowstorm to keep them from having respiratory infections.

Ice and snow can be very dangerous for these  goats as their hooves could become frozen and they could have permanent damage.

During the summer these mini silky myotonic goats need plenty of clean, fresh drinking water, a nice breeze and shaded area with a shelter to keep dry from the rain.

Mini Silky Goat Shows

Because they are so rare, the showing of the mini silky goats have only started expanding in recent years.  We attend shows as often as we can and when we do win awards for “Best in Show” quite often.

In fact, we have more champion mini silkies right now than any other breeder in the world.  Our baby mini silkies are well sought after for their looks and personalities.  If you are looking for miniature silky fainting goats for sale to either show or have for pets look no further and give us a call at 402-659-6707 for fainting goats sale information.

Mini Silky Goat Breeder

We have been raising and breeding Mini Silky Fainting Goats since 2006 and have quickly become the nation’s leading mini silky fainting goat breeders.  Our mini silky champion bloodline pedigrees have been carefully developed throughout our breeding process to have the characteristics of the most sought after in the Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Breed Standards.  Also check out the mini silky fainting goat association and mini silky fainting goat registry for more information.

Our baby fainting goats for sale are excellent animals and make wonderful pets as well as being show quality.  We do not sell our goats to anyone for the purpose of eating.  We only sell to persons who are committed to caring and nurturing this loving, laid-back animal. We’re sure you will quickly fall in love with them like we did, so come check out our beautiful mini silky fainting goats for sale!  If you are looking to buy fainting goats, then please call 402-659-6707.

 Mini Silky Fainting Goats For Sale

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